environmental science

Marine Biology Lab (MBL)

This lab is engaged in estimation of primary productivity, chlorophyll a and phaeophytin and in identification and qualitative and quantitative estimation of phytoplankton, zoo plankton and benthic organisms

The database of primary production and total chlorophyll concentration (chlorophyll a & phaeophytin) are used for Ocean Colour Monitoring (OCM) along with OCEANSAT-2 data.

Instruments available are:

  1. Binocular microscope – Olympus (CX 41)
  2. Binocular microscope – Olympus (CH 20)
  3. Dissection microscope – Olympus (SZ 60)
  4. Binocular microscope – CETI

Achievements: Biomonitoring of major hotspot areas of pollution (industrial and domestic) along Kerala and Karnataka coast