Mrs. Sajna. S

Research Scholar, Crustal Processes (CrP)

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Phone(Off) : 0471-2511621

Fax : 0471-2442280


M.Sc. : Geology from Kerala University, Kerala
B.Sc. : Geology from University College, Kerala

Research Interest:

Dating of accessory minerals in granulites & Metamorphic Petrology

Achievements & Awards:

  1. Qualified CSIR-JRF in Earth, Atmospheric, Ocean and Planetary Sciences

Conference Proceedings:

  1. Sajna S and JK Tomson 2016. Tectonic and metamorphic evolution of Nagercoil block through in situ trace element studies on accessory minerals. Proceedings of the 3rd UGC SAP DRS II (2013 – 18) Seminar and talks of the Current Trends in Earth System Sciences (CTESS2015) invited lectures 15 – 16 February 2016 Dept of Geology, University of Kerala, Trivandrum, India., pp 51.
  2. Sajna S and JK Tomson2016. In-situ trace element geochemistry and isotopic studies on accessory minerals in granulites from Nagercoil, South India: constraints on metamorphic and tectonic evolution. Proceedings of the National Workshop on Western Ghats: Evolution and environmental issues. 1 - 2nd January 2016, National Centre for Earth Science Studies (NCESS), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.