About Director's Technical Cell (DTC)

Director's Technical Cell (DTC) essentially co-ordinates all scientific & technical matters of the Institute. It provides necessary support to the Director on scientific and technical issues. The Cell functions as a channel between scientists and Director in obtaining reports, performance appraisal and in co-ordination and monitoring of research projects. It also acts as a conduit for all incoming and outgoing communications of scientific and technical nature for final decision by the Director.

Some of the important functions of the Technical Cell are i) convening of meetings of the Heads of the Divisions, ii) Quarterly/Half Yearly Review Meetings of projects funded by the Institute/external agencies, iii) preparation of technical materials for presentation in the Management Committee of NCESS, iv) arranges for conduct of the Research Council meeting, v) prepares budget estimates for plan projects, vi) responds to queries from various Government Departments, State Council and Audit Enquiries and vii) maintains database of all research projects and their progress and publications of the institute.

The Cell is also a repository of technical data bank of the Institute and responsible for bring out Annual Reports, quarterly News Letters (NCESS NEWS), information catalogues/pamphlets, brochure and press releases. It is also entrusted with the management of M.Sc/M.Tech Studentship/Internship programmes and in linking external student-scientist contacts. This Cell also liaisons with the Government of Kerala in communicating matters related to natural hazards and disaster management studies.