What are the benefits of Earth Science Research?

Earth Science concerns with the research of processes which bring about changes in our continents, oceans and the atmosphere. Earth Scientists through research and understanding contribute to substantial gains in our knowledge on those processes which caused such changes in our continents, oceans and the atmosphere over millions of years. Closely connected are studies to understand and mitigate short term catastrophic activities like, earthquakes, landslides, floods, lightening etc. Earth Scientists are also increasingly concerned with the current and practical aspects of our environment and climate change.

What is the role of NCESS in Earth Science research in India?

NCESS is a unique institute in India carrying out multidisciplinary research encompassing areas of solid earth, coastal dynamics, atmospheric dynamics and natural environment and resources. It has scientists drawn from a wide range of disciplines of science to pursue programmes in an integrated manner.

Can we visit NCESS to know its activities?

NCESS encourages students interested in Earth Science related science to visit any time of the year with prior intimation and appointment. A scientist or scientific Officer will accompany batch of student group visiting NCESS. They will be taken around the campus to several labs and to the displays available at NCESS. Depending on the time available they may be shown films about NCESS contributions and may also be addressed by Scientist(s) to help them know better the advancement in Earth Science activities at Centre and elsewhere. Those desirous of visiting NCESS may write/fill the feedback form or send E-Mail (mail to: techcell[at]ncess[dot]gov[dot]in; cc chiefmanager[at]ncess[dot]gov[dot]in) with details such as: organization name, date and time of your proposed visit, number of persons in a group etc.

What are the opportunities available to students at NCESS?

NCESS provides facilities and working environment for Post-Graduate students, passing their CSIR-UGC National Eligibility Test (NET) exam to join recognised guides of the Institutes to pursue Doctoral Programmes. Such students get stipend from CSIR or University or from Institute funded plan projects.
The candidates who have qualified in any of the above fellowships may approach any of the scientists at NCESS depending on their interests. They can browse the website to find suitable division and supervisor. They can directly contact the supervisor to discuss their plans and interests. The supervisor will suggest the modalities to be followed to enrol himself/herself as Doctoral student of the Institute.
Please also read section on Admission under Notifications

Can we use NCESS laboratory facilities?

Yes, as a student or researcher you are encouraged to use the facilities available at the institute. Permission from the Director, NCESS is required to use the facility. Please contact the concerned lab in charge with an authorisation letter from your Head or Supervisor and discuss with him/her about time and procedures to be followed.
Certain sophisticated laboratory facilities at NCESS are on payment basis. There are different rates for different category of users. Details are available in the laboratory link. You can also download request forms and submit your request to use these facilities.

How to Join NCESS?

Opportunities arising from time to time are advertised in leading news papers as well as in the website for eligible well qualified candidates to apply.

Is it possible to have research collaborations with the Institute?

Scientists, Researchers from universities, departments have the opportunities to collaborate with Institute scientists in research programmes being pursued by the Institute. The Institute promotes both national and international collaborations and provides forums for meaningful multidisciplinary approach with a pool of scientists belonging to several disciplines.

Does NCESS take up consultancy work?

NCESS provides consultancy services in the field of Coastal Zone management, EIA, geoinformatics, slope stability and control of landslides etc. Please check section under Consultancy and write to the Director for details.

How to avail library facility?

All research workers can use library facility with prior approval of Director, NCESS.

Can we interact, exchange views on earth science related activities with NCESS scientists?

Yes, start a discussion thread by clicking on the Discussion forum link located at the top right hand corner of the website. This discussion will be moderated.