environmental science

Ecological Modelling Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with Laminar Air flow chamber, Spectroquant NOVA 200 Spectrophotometer, Rig Rat Wireless multipoint gas detection system, ADR-1200S Ambient Particulate Monitoring System, Vibration meter, hand-held GPS, digital camera, chemicals and glass wares. Other facilities include Leica Microscopes, photo micrographic accessories, Distometer, High Volume Air Sampler, Noise Level Meter, Aquameter, Grab sampler, and Vertical profile water sampler.

Computer hardware and software for Dispersion modelling, Watershed modelling, Dam break analysis, Resistivity modelling, GIS modelling, and vibration modelling are being used for various ongoing projects in Air quality monitoring, Noise level monitoring, Vibration monitoring, Water quality analysis, Resistivity surveys and Photomicrographic applications.