Dr. Kumar Batuk Joshi

Scientist D, Solid Earth Research Group

Email : kr[dot]batukjoshi[at]ncess[dot]gov[dot]in

Phone(Off) : 0471-2511637

Phone(Mob) :

Fax : 0471-2442280


Ph. D. : 2015, Geology, University of Delhi
Thesis : Petrological, Geochemical and U-Pb Zircon Geochronological Studies of the Bundelkhand Granitoid Complex, Central India: Constraints on Archean Crustal Evolution.
M.Sc. : 2007, Geology, University of Delhi
Thesis : Geochemistry of pegmatites from Rajgarh, Ajmer District, Rajasthan
Diploma : 2008, Graduate Gemologist (G.G.), Accredited Jewelry Professional (A.J.P.), Graduate Pearls (G.P.), Gemological Institute of America.

Professional career:

2019(July) - Present Scientist C, National Centre for Earth Science Studies
2016 - 2019(June) Scientist B, National Centre for Earth Science Studies
2015 - - Visiting Researcher, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Portsmouth, UK.
2015 - - Young Scientist, Russian Foundation of Basic Research, Institute of Geology, Karelian Research Centre, Russian Academy of Science, Petrozavodsk, Russia.
2014 - 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Geoscience Division, Physical Research laboratory, Ahmedabad, India.
2014 - - Guest lecturer, Department of Geology, University of Delhi.
2009 - 2010 Geologist, AF Colenco, Noida, India.
2008 - 2009 Grader, Gemological Institute of America.

Areas of Interests:

My own research to date has been on Archaean TTGs and high-K granitoids (including sanukitoids) and the Proterozoic reworking of these. My current focus is on understanding the when, where and how the continental crust was formed and has evolved to its present day volume, composition and architecture. Currently I am working on whole rock geochemistry and isotopes (Sr-Nd systematics) and also investigating the use accessory minerals in understanding crustal evolutionary processes using U-Pb/Hf isotopic systematics and trace elements.

Honours/Awards/Fellowships :

  1. GeoHost Funds to attend International Geological Congress (IGC) 2020 (postponed due to Covid19), New Delhi, India.
  2. Postdoctoral Fellowship at Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India (2014-2016).
  3. Young Scientist fellowship, Russian Foundation of Basic Research (RFBR), Russia (2015).
  4. Geochemical Society Travel Grant for attending Goldschmidt (2014, 2016).
  5. Partial support from K.H. Renlund foundation for field work in Archean region of Northern Lapland, Finland (2014).
  6. Secretary of “The Changing Early Earth IGCP-SIDA 599” project for India and Asia (2012-2014).
  7. University Grants Commission - Senior Research Fellow (NET-SRF) at Dept. of Geology, University of Delhi (2013-2014).
  8. Travel support from Vice chancellors fund (Delhi university) and IGCP-599 for U-Pb SIMS analytical work in Sweden (2013).
  9. Full support from IGCP-599 to attend IGC-2012, Brisbane, Australia (5days).
  10. Full support from IGCP-599 and Åbo Akademi University to attend Field workshop on "Pluton emplacement - in theory and praxis" in Sweden and Finland (2012).
  11. Partial Travel Support from Organizers of BRICKS Workshop, Johannesburg (2012).
  12. Full financial support from IGCP-SIDA 599 for attending IGCP workshop in Mekrijärvi, Finland (2011).
  13. University Grants Commission - Junior Research Fellow (NET-JRF) at Dept. of Geology, University of Delhi (2011-2013).
  14. 2nd Rank (Certificate) in M. Sc Geology, Delhi University and Hansraj college (2006).

Field Experience:

  1. Field work in Princes Elizabeth Land, Antarctica as part of 39th Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica (Nov 2019 to Feb 2020).
  2. Pre-conference (Goldschmidt) field work in south Armorican shear zone, August 2017.
  3. Fieldwork in Central Karelia, Vodlozero terrane, Russia, June 2015 (1 week).
  4. Fieldwork in Inari terrain, Northern Lapland, Finland, July 2014 (15 days).
  5. International Geological Workshop on “Craton Formation and Destruction” in Johannesburg, South Africa, July 2013 (1 week).
  6. Field course on Pluton emplacement from at Finland and Sweden, August 2012 (2 weeks).
  7. Field Workshop in Srinagar and Ladakh Himalayas, June 2012 (10 days).
  8. IGCP-SIDA 599 Project Field Workshop at Mekrijärvi, Finland, Sep 2011 (1 week).
  9. Department of Science and Technology sponsored Field workshop at Haldwani, Nainital, Feburary 2010 (1 week).

Invited Talks:

  1. "Crustal Evolution of Peninsular India: Constraints using Detrital Geochronology" at National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Goa on 4th October 2018.
  2. “Petrological, Geochemical and U-Pb Zircon Geochronological Studies of the Bundelkhand Granitoids, Central India: Constraints on Archean Crustal Evolution” at Institute of Geology, Karelian Research Centre, Petrozavodsk, Russia on 21st May 2015.
  3. “Broad overview of Bundelkhand Craton” at IGCP-SIDA 599 Project meeting in Brisbane Australia on 5th of Aug 2012
  4. “Bundelkhand Craton and Overview” Evolving Continents-Research Community, University of Helsinki, Finland on 31st Jan 2013.
  5. “Characterization of the Archean-Proterozoic Bundelkhand Granitoids, Northern Indian Shield” at IGCP-SIDA 599 Project Launch Meeting and Field Workshop at Mekrijärvi, Finland in Sep 2011.


  1. Crustal Evolution in the Indian Subcontinent at NCESS (2020-2025)
  2. Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) grant “15-35-50162” in collaboration with Prof. Alexander Slabunov at Karelian Research Centre, Petrozavodsk, Russia (2015).
  3. Isotopic Constraints on the Evolution of Bundelkhand Granitoids, Central India with Prof. Sunil Kumar Singh at Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India (2014-2016).


  1. Member, Geochemical Society

Training Programmes/Seminars/Workshops :

  1. Installation and training on MC-ICPMS at NCESS, March 2019 (15 days).
  2. Pre-dispatch Inspection for MC-ICPMS at Nu Instruments factory in Wrexhem, UK, Nov 2018 (5days).
  3. Scientific short course on SIMS in the Earth Sciences at Helmholtz Zentrum, Potsdam (Germany), October 2013 (1 week).
  4. Organizer of IGCP-SIDA 599 Insights to the Early Earth – Field Conference in Bundelkhand Craton in Central India (7th March 2013 – 14th March 2013).
  5. Summer course in the TIMS Laboratory of the National Facility for Isotope Geology and Geochronology at IIT Roorkee, May-June 2010 (1 month).
  6. Summer training at Gemological Institute of India (GII), June 2007 (1 month).