Dr. Chandra Prakash Dubey

Scientist C, Solid Earth Research Group

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Phone(Off) : 0471- 2511635

Fax : 0471-2442280


Ph. D. : 2015, Geophysics, CSIR – NGRI, Hyderabad @ Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam, India
Thesis : Joint modeling of gravity & gravity gradients and its application in geological interpretation.
M.Tech. : 2010, Mineral Exploration (Geophysics), University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India
Thesis : Application of gravity gradiometry in mineral exploration.
M.Sc. : 2008, Physics, Lucknow University, Lucknow, India

Professional career:

2019 (July) - Present Scientist C, National Centre for Earth Science Studies
2016 (June) - 2019 (June) Scientist B, National Centre for Earth Science Studies
2016 (Jan) - 2016 (May) Project Scientist B, National Centre for Earth Science Studies
2012 - 2015 CSIR – SRF, CSIR – NGRI, Hyderabad
2012 - 2013 Visiting Research Scholar (DAAD Fellow), CAU, Kiel, Germany
2010 - 2012 Project SRF, CSIR – NGRI, Hyderabad

Areas of Interests:

Understanding the mechanism of deeper subsurface structures associated with lithosphere and the cause of mantle deformation.

Density modelling using multiple geophysical parameters: Short and long term deformation and seismogenesis.

Forward and inverse modelling – Gravity, Gravity Gradiometry and Magnetic Method.

MATLAB based computational algorithm development and their application in exploration.

Honours/Awards/Fellowships :



  1. Personal biography article in “On the Horizon-Next Generation NSG” by Near Surface Views, SEG Vol. 24, No. 1.
  2. National Representative of YES Network, India.
  3. SEG- Student Education Program (SEP) Award by Exxon Mobil, USA.
  4. Selected for SEG European Challenge Bowl from India by SEG, USA.
  5. SEG- Student Chapter Leadership (SLS) Award by Chevron, USA
  6. DAAD Fellowship, Germany(2012-2013).
  7. CSIR – Senior Research Fellowship, India (2012-2015).
  8. Project Research Fellowship, CSIR – NGRI, India (2010-2012).
  9. Baldota Fellowship, University of Hyderabad, India (2008-2010).

Membership of Professional Bodies:


  1. Member of American Geophysical Union (AGU) 
  2. Member of the Association of Exploration Geophysicists (AEG)(Since 2012)
  3. Member of the Indian Geophysical Union (IGU)(Since 2011))
  4. Member of the YES Network(since 2011)
  5. Member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)(since 2010)
  6. Member of the Society of Petroleum Geophysicists (SPG)(Since 2010)

Training Programmes:

  1. 6th YES Network Congress Meeting under the agies of 36th IGC Meeting 2020, New Delhi, India.
  2. One-day international mastermind session on landslide hazard investigations in India at NCESS, Trivandrum, India (10th January, 2019).
  3. Seminar on Geo-hazard monitoring and Prevention technology at Chengdu, China from 14th November 2018 to 30th November 2018.CGS, China.
  4. Multi-disciplinary Subsurface Integration in Exploration and Production from "Plate to Pores...." sponsored by ExxonMobil, SEP Program, 6th IGSC Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic. (10th July - 17th July 2015).
  5. Basic Geophysical Techniques, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India hosted by ISM Dhanbad, India. (18th – 25th January 2015).
  6. SEG Student Leadership Training by Chevron, SEG/SLS Program, 84th SEG Annual Meeting, Denver, USA. (26th Oct - 31st Oct 2014).
  7. SEG-SPG Conventions on fundamental sciences: Learning through the peers, organised by SEG – SPG Student Chapter, CSIR – NGRI, Hyderabad, India (13th June 2015).
  8. SEG-SPG Student Convention on Frontiers in Geo- Exploration, June 2014, CSIR-NGRI, Hyderabad, India.
  9. First International GOCE Solid Earth Workshop at ITC, the Netherlands 2012.
  10. GRACE Science Team Meeting 2012 at GFZ, Potsdam in 2012.
  11. S&T Event “Young Investigators Meet 2012” at Berlin, Germany.
  12. National Workshop on Advances in Exploration Geophysics for Young Researchers, SPG Student Chapter, CSIR – NGRI, Hyderabad, India - 2010 .
  13. Cyber-infrastructure Workshop at the University Centre for Earth and Space Science, University of Hyderabad, India - 2009.
  14. Participated in the “Landforms of India from Topomaps and Imageries” in 2008 & “iGEON 2009” Workshop held at the University of Hyderabad - 2008.

Field Work Experience:

  1. Ground gravity field measurements along Western Ghats, India for the total duration of 60 days and collected 1200 points.
  2. Participated as a potential field expert in Sagar Kanya Cruise SK-348 during 19th April 2018 to 25th May 2018 for the deployment of 17 passive Ocean Bottom Seismometer in the Indian Ocean Geoid Low region and also did Bathymetry survey using Multi-Beam Echo Sounder along the cruise track line.
  3. Investigation survey for the installation of 6 Broadband Seismometers along the Western Ghats from Trivandrum to Pune during 29/01/2018 to 11/02/2018.
  4. On land gravity, magnetic and DGPS survey for the complex structures associated with Salt Dome, Jarplund, Kiel, Germany. (IFG, CAU, Kiel). (Two weeks in January 2012)


  1. Crustal and mantle structures and geodynamic model of Western Ghats (MoES- Ministry of Earth Science, India).
  2. Deep lithospheric structure across shear zones, South India (MoES - Ministry of Earth Science, India).
  3. 3D Structural setting beneath Koyna-Warna Reservoir, India (MoES - Ministry of Earth Science, India).
  4. Detailed3D analysis of Bay of Bengal and its intraplate deformation (CSIR – SRF, India).
  5. Imaging 3D complex geological structures from gravity Gradiometry (CSIR, India & DAAD, Germany).