Dr. Amal Dev J

Project Scientist I, Solid Earth Research Group (SERG)

Email : amaldevj[at]gmail[dot]com

Fax : 0471-2442280


Ph.D : 2022. Geology, Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), Kochi
Thesis "Petrochronological constraints on the tectonothermal evolution of Kambam ultrahigh-temperature belt and its implications for the Precambrian crustal evolution of south India"
M.Sc : 2016. Dept. of Geology, University of Kerala, India.
B.Sc : 2014. University College, University of Kerala, India.

Research Interests:

Development and application of in-situ petrochronological techniques to study geological processes. Investigating magmatic and extreme metamorphic processes by the application of accessory mineral geochronology, geochemistry, and phase equilibria modeling. Tracing crustal evolution and depositional history of cratons and sedimentary basins using detrital geochronology. Carbonate geochronology and biomineralization dating

Analytical Expertise:

  1. Laser ablation quadrupole/multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-Q-ICPMS and LA-MC-ICPMS).
  2. Scanning electron Microscope (SEM).
  3. Working knowledge in X-ray fluoresce spectrometry (XRF) and Electron probe microanalyzer (EPMA).

Achievements & Awards:

  1. DST-INSPIRE Senior Research Fellowship : 2020.
  2. DST-INSPIRE Junior Research Fellowship : 2018.
  3. KSCSTE Junior Research Fellowship : 2017.
  4. Graduate Aptitude Test (All India Rank: 522) : 2017.
  5. First Rank for Master’s degree in Geology : 2016.
  6. First Rank for Bachelor’s degree in Geology : 2014.

Publications In Peer Reviewed Journals :

  1. Roy, A., Sharma, R.K., Jash, D., Rao, B.P., Dev, J.A., Tomson, J.K. (2024). Imaging of Moho Topography with Conditional Generative Adversarial Network from Observed Gravity Anomalies. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences.
  2. Rajak, P.K., Prabhakar, N., Banerjee, S., Dev, J. A., Bivin, G.G., Tomson, J.K. (2024): Provenance of Mesozoic sandstones in the Saurashtra Basin using heavy mineral chemistry, geochemistry, and geochronological signatures: implications for paleo-drainage pattern and paleogeographic reconstruction in western India. Marine and Petroleum Geology.
  3. Tomson, J.K and Dev, J.A. (2023). Tracing the crustal evolution of Precambrian Southern Granulite Terrane in East Gondwana: New insights from zircon U-Pb/Hf geochronology. Geological Society of America Bulletin.
  4. Mukherjee, S., Das, P., Ghosh, G., Bose, S., Dev, J.A., Das, K., & Tomson, J.K. (2023). Reply to Comments on "Petrography, geochemistry and detrital zircon geochronology of the Srisailam Quartzite Formation, Cuddapah Basin, India: Implications for depositional age, correlation and provenance” of Mukherjee et al. (2023). Precambrian Research.
  5. Sorcar, N., Dev, J.A*., Mukherjee, S., Joshi, K.B., and Rao, B.P (2023). Metamorphic evolution of granulites from Grovnes peninsula of Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica: Constraints from phase equilibrium modeling and geochronology. Polar Science.
  6. Dev, J.A., Tomson, J.K., Vijayakumar, T., & Sorcar, N. (2023). Age and petrogenesis of mafic granulites from central Madurai block, south India: Implications on regional tectonics. Geological Magazine.
  7. Mukherjee, S., Das, P., Ghosh, G., Bose, S., Dev, J.A., Das, K., & Tomson, J.K. (2023). Detrital zircon geochronology and geochemistry of the Srisailam Formation, Cuddapah Basin, India: implications on sedimentation, provenance, Haedean crustal components, and stratigraphy. Precambrian Research.
  8. Mondal, A.K., Bose, S., Dev, J.A., Tomson, J.K., Sorcar, N and Mukherjee, S. (2023). Petrological, geochemical, and geochronological evolution of massif type charnockite from the Eastern Ghats Province, India: implications on the regional tectonics of the Rayner-Eastern Ghats orogeny. Precambrian Research.
  9. Sajna, S., Tomson, J.K., Dev, J.A., and Sorcar, N. (2023): Timing of garnet growth in granulites from southern India: Insights from zircon-monazite-garnet REE partition modeling. Journal of Geological Society of India.
  10. Dev, J.A, Sorcar, N, Mukherjee, S., & Tomson, J.K. (2022b). Phase equilibrium modelling and zircon-monazite geochronology of HT-UHT granulites from Kambam ultrahigh-temperature belt, south Indian. International Geology Reviews, 1-19.
  11. Dev, J.A., Tomson, J.K., Sorcar, N., & Francis, K.A. (2022a). Timing of UHT metamorphism and cooling in south Indian granulites: New P-T-t results from a sapphirine granulite. Precambrian Research, 371, 106582.
  12. Sajna, S., Tomson, J.K., Dev, J.A., Sorcar, N and Vijaya Kumar, T. (2022): Petrogenesis and tectonic significance of mafic rocks from Nagercoil block, southern India. Minerals.
  13. Dev, J.A., Tomson, J.K., Sorcar, N., & Nandakumar, V. (2021). Combined U-Pb/Hf isotopic studies and phase equilibrium modelling of HT-UHT metapelites from Kambam ultrahigh-temperature belt, south India: Constraints on tectonothermal history of the terrane. Lithos, 406, 106531.
  14. Sorcar, N., Mukherjee, S., Pant, N.C., Dev, J.A., & Nishanth, N. (2021). Chemical dating of monazite: Testing of analytical protocol for U-Th-total Pb using CAMECA SXFive tatics EPMA at the National Centre for Earth Science Studies, Thiruvananthapuram, India. Journal of Earth System Science, 130(4), 1-11.

Presentations in International conferences :

  1. Deepchand, V., Rajesh, V. J., Dev, J. A., Sorcar, N., Tomson, J. K., & Kumar, R. B. Origin and Tectonothermal Evolution of Lodestones in the Layered Ultramafic Intrusions of Coorg Block: Insights from Textural, Chemical, and Geothermometric Constraints: International Association for Gondwana Research (IAGR) Convention and 20th International Conference on Gondwana to Asia, 2023.
  2. Dev, J.A., and Tomson: LA-ICPMS zircon-monazite- titanite-rutile-apatite chronology: A robust tool to understand t-T evolution of long-lived orogens: North American Workshop on Laser ablation, June 2023.
  3. Dev, J.A., and Tomson, J.K: U-Pb baddeleyite and zircon ages from Kambam Carbonatite, south India, and implications on regional tectonics: Goldschmidt, July 2022.
  4. Tomson, J.K., and Dev, J.A: Crustal evolution of south Indian granulites: Insights from zircon Hf isotopes: Goldschmidt, July 2022.
  5. Dev, J.A., Tomson, J.K., and Sorcar, N: Unravelling the cooling history of HT-UHT rocks from South India: New evidences from LA-ICPMS analysis of rutiles: Goldschmidt, July 2021.
  6. Dev, J.A., Tomson, J.K., S. Sajna, Nilanjana Sorcar and V Nandakumar: Decoding Rodinia events in South India: Evidences from late-Tonian ages within granulites: American Geophysical Union Conference, December 2020.
  7. Dev, J.A., J.K. Tomson., Francis, K.A., Sorcar, N., and Nandakumar, V: Timing of high-grade metamorphism in Madurai Block, S. India: Insights from new U-Pb zircon & monazite ages: Goldschmidt, June 2020.
  8. Sajna S., Dev, J.A., Sorcar, N., Tomson, J.K., and Nandakumar V: Age & Petrogenesis of Granulites from Nagercoil Block, South India: Goldschmidt, June 2020.
  9. Dev, J.A., and Tomson, J.K., (2017) Tectonothermal evolution of Kambam Ultrahigh Temperature Belt, Madurai Block South India: Constraints on Gondwana Assembly. Abstract Volume: Workshop on Geochronology, Inter-University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi, November 2017.


  1. 10-day Advanced training on analytical geochemistry conducted by National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI), Hyderabad under CSIR skill initiative program, March 12-21, 2018.
  2. 2-day Workshop on Geochronology conducted by Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi, November 16-17, 2017.
  3. 1-day International Workshop on "How to get published in an international high impact journal” conducted by Elsevier and co-sponsored by International Association for Gondwana Research & University of Kerala, November 17, 2016.
  4. 5-day National workshop on "REE, Zr & Ti Resources from Beach Placer Deposits of India" organized by Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research (AMD) with Geological Society of India, November 7-11, 2016.
  5. 2-day National workshop on "Mohr Circle and Modern Method of Fabric Analysis in Deformed Rocks” organized during National Seminar on Developments in Geosciences in the Past Decade-Emerging Trends for the Future & Impact on Society along with Annual General Meeting of the Geological Society of India supported by IUGS-TecTask, October 21-23, 2016.

Membership in Professional Bodies :

  1. Geochemical Society.
  2. American Geophysical Union.
  3. International Association for Structural Geology and Tectonics.