Accuracy and reliability of results on unknown depend on good calibration (measuring arrangement). It is a lot easier than earlier times, but still a lot of hard work goes into achieving good results. We have achieved good agreement with standard reference materials. With each sample batch, a reference standard is included as a check on reproducibility. These data are provided with analytical results to the user. At present we can analyse complete major and trace element analysis of silicates, oxide rocks and sediments. Major elements results on our XRF for International standards are compared with recommendedvaluesinthefollowingtable.

Due to diverse fields of research at NCESS, XRF lab receives requests presenting special problems to analyse widest possible range of geological materials for a very wide range of compositions. We have put in considerable amount of time in successfully analysing unusual sample types and unusual compositions in soils, river and beach sediments, clay, ilmenite, waste composite etc.