1. Covering Letter and the proposed Project details
  • It should contain the following details
  • About the Project Proponent
  • Point of contact (contact details of the proponent/consultant/representative with active phone/mobile numbers and their email IDs)
  • Details of proposed project activities/constructions
  • Components/split-up of the proposed activities
  • Revenue details of the project location (Survey/Resurvey no, Village, Taluk, Panchayath/Municipality,Landmark, Ownership of the land)
  • Brief Project Proposal Report/EIA report if available
  • Bank account details, PAN and GST No of the applicant for reconciliation of payment for the consultancy.


2. Cadastral Map
  • Cadastral Map of true scale (1:4000 or nearest scale) of the project area and adjoining areas clearly depicting boundaries and subdivisions of land with survey numbers. It should be from theVillage/ Revenue authorities so that the survey boundaries have clear co-lateral matching.
3. Photos depicting the present status the project area
4. Location sketch of the project area from the respective Village office
  • The sketch should carry the information about the name of the land owner, survey number of the project area, accurate extent of the plot with survey numbers of the adjacent parcels duly signed by revenue/village authorities in true scale.
5. Google image/KML file depicting the proposed project area to visualize the location prior to the field survey.
6. Auto CAD/GIS shape files of Proposed project drawings in Digital format and in hard copy (true scale) signed by the Architect and owner.
7. Copy of possession /lease/rental agreement of the proposed project area to ascertain the nature of ownership of the proponent.
Contact: 0471-2511714, 2511709, 2511706