Palaoemagnetism laboratory

The palaeomagnetism laboratory was built during 1989-1990 and is being upgraded with full financial assistance from grants of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The laboratory is equipped with a spinner magnetometer (sensitivity 0.05 mA/m; long spin; MOLSPIN Ltd, UK), AF demangetiser (peak field 100 mT; MOLSPIN Ltd; UK), MMTD thermal demagnetiser (Magnetic measurements, UK). The laboratory also has low field hysterisis apparatus, High field hysterisis loop tracer, pulse field magnetometer (Arun Electronics Ltd; Bombay) to record rockmagnetic properties. The spinner magnetometer is interfaced to an IBM personnal computer. The laboratory is equipped, for field collection of samples, with two Pomeroy gasoline drills (ASC scientific; USA), diamond drill bits, oriented device, pump can for water cooling, Brunton compass and other accessories. Laboraratory drilling Unit (Bharat Diamond works Ltd; Bombay) is also available for drilling and preparing specimens for palaeomagnetic study.