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Dr. T. N. Prakash

Scientist G, Group Head, Coastal Processes (CoP)

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Phone(Off) : 0471- 2511701

Phone(Res) : 0471- 2593879

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Ph. D. : 1992, Marine Geology, Mangalore University.
M.Sc. : 1981, Marine Geology, University of Mysore.
Thesis : Studies on texture, mineralogy and geochemistry of the different environments of SW coast of India with particular reference to black sand deposition.

Professional career:

2017 (May) - Present Scientist G & Group Head, National Centre for Earth Science Studies.
2016 (July) - 2017 (May) Scientist G & Director(i\c), National Centre for Earth Science Studies.
2010 - 2016 Scientist G, National Centre for Earth Science Studies.
2004 - 2010 Scientist F, Centre for Earth Science Studies.
1999 - 2004 Scientist E2, Centre for Earth Science Studies.
1994 - 1999 Scientist E1, Centre for Earth Science Studies.
1988 - 1994 Scientist C, Centre for Earth Science Studies.
1983 - 1988 Scientist B, Centre for Earth Science Studies.
1982 -   Field Geologist, Geomysore Services, Geological Consultants, Bangalore.

Areas of Interests:

Beach and Coastal Processes, Placer Mineral Deposits, Coastal Evolution and Anthropocene.

Membership of Professional Bodies:

  1. Life Member, Geological Society of India (Since 1983).
  2. Member, Indian  Society of Remote Sensing, Ahmedabad (Since 2008).
  3. Member, Referees’ Panel, Indian Journal of Marine Sciences.
  4. Corresponding Member, IGCP-274 on SLR during Quaternary period (1991-1992).
  5. Member, International Association of Sedimentologist, Belgium (since 2011).
  6. Member, Current Science, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore (Since 2011).

Training Programmes:

  1. Onboard training in the research vessel `ORV Sagara Kanya’ of Dept. of Ocean Development, Govt. of India in the central Indian Ocean (1985).
  2. Management and Conservation of Marine Resources (1987), International Ocean Institute, Malta.
  3. Digital image processing technique with special reference to coastalsystems, Dec, 1992 at  Regional Remote Sensing Service Centre, Dept. of Space, Govt. of India, Bangalore.
  4. Awareness workshop on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry at Institute of Physics, Bhuvaneshwar during August 10-14. 1998.
  5. Training on Digital Image Processing Techniques at SAC, Ahmedbad during July 1999.
  6. Usage of Sophisticated Analytical Facility in Inter institutional collaborative project, University of Waikato, New Zealand, 2001.