Dr. Prachiti P Kanakdande

Project Scientist B, Crustal Processes (CrP)

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Phone(Off) : 0471-2511619

Fax : 0471-2442280


Ph.D. : 2013, Geology CSIR-NGRI, Hyderabad @ Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.
M.Sc. : 2005, Geology SRTMU, Nanded, Maharashtra, India.

Professional career:

2016 (Jan) - Present Project Scientist B, National Centre for Earth Science Studies.
2013 - 2015 Senior Research Fellow, CSIR-NGRI, Hyderabad.
2006 - 2008 CSIR- Diamond Jubilee Internship, CSIR-NGRI, Hyderabad.


  • DST Sponsored Advanced Programme on” Modelling of magmatic and allied processes” Oct 2007

Research Interest:

Igneous and sedimentary Geochemistry.

Achievements & Awards:

  1. CSIR- Diamond Jubilee Internship (2006 to 2008) CSIR-NGRI, Hyderabad
  2. DST sponsored International Travel Grant wide no SB/ITS-Y/1050/2014-15 for International Goldschmidt conference 2014, Sacramento, California.


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  2. Prachiti P K., Manikyamba C., Singh P K., Balaram V., Lakshminaryana G., Raju K., Singh M P., Kalpana M S., Arora M. Geochemical systematic and precious metal content of the sedimentary horizons of Lower Gondwanas from Sattupalli coal field,Godavari valley, India. International journal of coal Geology v.88 83-100 (2011).
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In Books:

  1. Tarun C. Khanna, Prachiti, P.K., Manikyamba, C., Keshav Krishna, A. (2009) Heterogeneous mantle wedge: implication from the geochemistry of boninites from Gadwal greenstone belt, India. In(Ed.) Santosh Kumar on Magmatism, Tectonism and Mineralization, Macmillan publishers New Delhi, India, pp. 1-13.