Sreekumari Kesavan M.Sc

Scientist E, Crustal Processes (CrP)

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In peer reviewed journals:

  1. Geomorphic observations from southwestern terminus of Palghat Gap, south India and their tectonic implications”, Yogendra Singh, Biju John, G P Ganapathy, Abhilash George, S Harisanth, K S Divyalakshmi and Sreekumari Kesavan, Journal of Earth System Sciences, 2016, 125, 821-839.
  2. The 13th September 2002 North Andaman (Diglipur) earthquake: An analysis in the context of regional seismicity, C.P.Rajendran, Anil Earnest, Kusala Rajendran, R.Devdas and Sreekumari Kesavan, Current Science, Vol.84, No.7, 10 April 2003
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  5. “Microseismic activity near the Idukki Reservoir, south India: A rare example of renewed triggered seismicity” Kusala Rajendran, C.P. Rajendran, N. Thulasiraman and K. Sreekumari submitted to Engineering Geology, Volume 153, 8 February 2013, Pages 45-52
  6. “Recent microtremors near the Idukki Reservoir, Kerala, South India”, Dr. Kusala Rajendran, Dr. C.P. Rajendran, Sreekumari Kesavan, and R Naveen Current Science, Vol. 102, No. 10, 25 May 2012


  1. Upgradation and operation of broadband/seismological observatories in the peninisular shield of India :-
    Report on Peechi seismic staion , Submitted to Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Principal Investigator Dr. Kusala. Rajendran, Co-investigators Dr, C.P Rajendran, K.R. Unnikrishnanan, Sreekumari Kesavan, Dr. Jose Kallarakkal
  2. Technical report on the tremors near Wadakkancherry in Thrissur district from 20-26 December 2006 submitted to Kerala State council for Science and Technology forwarded to Department of revenue, Government of Kerala. Principal Investigator Dr. C.P. Rajendran, Co-investigators Dr, Kusala Rajendran, Sreekumari Kesavan, Anu.R
  3. Report on the tremor near Kodakara on 13th January 2011” John Mathai, SreekumariKesavan, Binumon Appukkuttan
  4. “Report on the slight earthquake at Kottamala near Idukki-Kottayam border on July 26th 2011”, John Mathai, SreekumariKesavan, Binumon Appukkuttan
  5. “Report on the Earthquakes in Upputhara Village, Idukki District on November 18th 2011” John Mathai, SreekumariKesavan, Binumon Appukkuttan