The Centre for Earth Science Studies (CESS) established by the Government of Kerala, has become the National Centre for Earth Science Studies (NCESS) on 1st January, 2014. The Centre is commemorating its one year completion by holding a National Workshop “Continental Crust and Cover Sequences in the Evolution of Indian Subcontinent” during January 20-21, 2015. The workshop includes special lectures on various themes by eminent scientists who have made significant contributions on important aspects of solid earth geosciences in India in the sub-disciplines of geology and geophysics. The talks cover a wide spectrum of topics related to the crustal processes in the development of Solid Earth, involving study of metamorphic and igneous rocks in the basement complex as well as sedimentary cover sequences of diverse ages ranging from the Archaean to Quaternary (including Holocene) and also the inferences on early crustal growth, active tectonics, palaeoclimate changes, near surface processes, present day seismicity and land disturbances in the Indian shield.

List of presentations

  1. Recent Trends in Researches on Continental Evolution
  2. Recent Advancements in Dharwar Geology and Tectonics
  3. Metamorphic Processes Associated with Orogenic Belts of India
    Ram S Sharma
  4. Whither Terrane Boundary of Southern Granulite Terrain? A Deeper Level Simile to the Himalayan Crustal Extrusion Model
    Joy Gopal Ghosh
  5. Source Vs. Process Control on Magma Geochemistry: Some Indian Examples
    K Vijaya Kumar
  6. Uranium Potential in the Purana Basins of India
  7. Evolution of Tormented Eastern Half of Cuddapah Basin Linked to Crustal Development in Southeastern Indian Shield
  8. Origin of Gondwana Basins of Peninsular India
    Manas Roychowdhury
  9. Glimpses of the Indian Crust from Kanayakumari to Karakorum
    Shyam S Rai
  10. Lithosphere Asthenosphere Boundary Beneath the Peninsular India
  11. Crustal Structure of the Indian Shield – A Deep Seismic Sounding Perspective
    V.Vijaya Rao
  12. Prospects for Development of New Gold Mines in the Neoarchaean & Mesoproterozoic Fold Belts of India
  13. Quantitative Geomorphology in Neotectonics Interpretation
    S. Sinha-Roy
  14. India Plate Motion and Deformation
    Vineet Gahalaut
  15. Continental Weathering and River Flux of Materials
  16. Evaluation of Landslide Hazards and Sustainable Development in Mountainous Terrains
  17. Evidences for Climate Cycles in High Resolution Paleomonsoonal Records Reconstructed Through Foraminifera in Marine Sediments off Indian Coasts
    Rajiv Nigam
  18. Tectonic Evolution of the Eastern Continental Margins of India and Adjoining Deepwater Areas of the Bay of Bengal: A Synthesis of Recent Geophysical Investigations
    M Radhakrishna
  19. India during the Mesozoic: Palaeogeographic constraints and stratigraphic impasse
    Vibhuti Rai
  20. The Causal Link Between Deccan Flood Basalts and the Cretaceous Mass Extinctions: A Case of Unfounded Assumptions.
    Kanchan Pande
  21. Application of SEM-EBSD Analysis of Deformed rocks in the Indian Context
    Manish A. Mamtani

Abstract of Poster Presentations

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