Vivek V R

Research Scholar,  Biogeochemistry group

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MSc : Applied Geology, University of Mysore.
BSc : Geology,University of Kerala.

Professional Career:

2018 (Dec) - Present Project Assistant II, National Centre for Earth Science Studies.

Training programmes attended:

  • Attended course on “Overview of RS & GIS Application for Natural Resource Management” ( Conducted by IIRS).
  • Attended a course on “Hyperspectral Remote sensing and its Applications” (Conducted by IIRS).
  • Attended National seminar on “Recent advances in Research on Precambrian Terrains In India”( Organized by University Of Mysore).
  • Attended a workshop on “Field Techniques in Geological Mapping” (Organized by University of Kerala) .


  • Vivek V. R., Sreelesh R., Syam Sunny, Silpa Mathew, K. Maya and D. Padmalal, Springs in the coastal lowlands Trivandrum block: Water discharge and hydro-geochemistry, INGWC 2020, 18-20 February 2020, CWRDM.
  • Maya K, Vivek V. R., Silpa Mathew, Sreelesh R, Syam Sunny and Padmalal D. Geothermal characteristics and hydrochemistry of ground water around a thermal spring in Southern Western Ghats, India, 36 th International Geological Congress.
  • Presenjit Das, Maya K , Vivek V. R, Silpa Mathew and Arya S.,2019. Hydrochemistry of the Thermal springs of the Southern Karnataka, India. AQUASEM -2019, National seminar on aquatic chemistry ( 21-23 March 2019),CUSAT.
  • Sreelesh R, Presenjit Das, Vivek V. R., Silpa Mathew ,K Maya and D Padmalal, Study on the Thermal and cold water Springs of Dakshina Kannada district, Southern Western Ghats, India. INGWC 2020, 18-20 February 2020, CWRDM.