environmental science

Geomorphic evolution and paleo-climate along selected coastal stretches of northern Kerala, Karnataka and Goa

  • Quaternary sea level changes, paleo-climate in sedimentary archives, evolution of coastal wetlands
  • Establishment of radiocarbon facilities; Optical microscope in collaboration with ARI, Pune; BSIP, Lucknow; Mangalore University
  • Environmental evaluation and resource assessment of river basins/ State of the environment of rivers (Kerala & Karnataka)
  • Ecological conservation/ regeneration of lake and river systems.

Strengthening support facilities

  • Input for climate change studies & pollution monitoring
  • Monitoring green house gas & other atmospheric emissions
  • Sea & estuarine water quality monitoring
  • Landuse/land cover changes & urban agglomeration
  • Strengthening Geomatics infrastructure in consonance with NSDI System
  • GIS, Image Processing softwares
  • Develop spatial and non-spatial database in conformity with NSDI
  • Modernization & accreditation of Chemical laboratory
  • Accreditation for EIA studies
  • Geological, terrain & land related studies
  • Land, atmospheric & water pollution monitoring
  • Strengthening geophysical instrumentation