Petrology Laboratory (PL)

NCESS Petrology lab is equipped with the latest research model microscopes like Leica DM LP Transmitted-Light, binocular polarising microscope, equipped with: Leica DFS 320 digital photographic system, Nikon Digital camera interfaced to P4 Intel Pentium PC and Deskjet printer, Mechanical Counting Stages; Leica M205C Stereo bionocular Microscope with 20.5:1 zoom. These are in addition to earlier generation microscopes like a) Leica Transmitted/Reflected Binocular Petrographic Microscope with MPS 60 photomicrographic system, universal stage, hardness tester, b) Zeiss Transmitted/Reflected Binocular Petrographic Microscope, c) Zeiss Monocular, Polarizing Microscopes, d) Zeiss stereo binocular microscopes, and e) Abbe Refractometer.

NCESS Petrology Lab caters to the needs of the various disciplines of Earth Science at NCESS and from other sister Institutes and Universities to carry out research on fundamental and applied aspects of igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic petrology.