atmospheric science

Observational and modelling studies of cloud microphysical processes and rainfall over tropics

  • Setting up of observations sites at geographically important regions (near coastal, mid land and high land areas in Western Ghats).
  • Microphysics of monsoon rainfall over coastal, mid and high altitude regions.
  • Diurnal cycle in monsoon clouds and its thermodynamic variation over Western Ghats.
  • Raindrop size distributions studies.
  • Vertical structure of shallow and mixed phased clouds.
  • Simulation of regional scale variations in the cloud microphysical properties in relation to monsoon.

Understanding the formation and propagation of convective thunderclouds and their electrical characteristics in Western the Ghats

  • Electrical nature of thunder clouds in tropics.
  • Establishment of Lightning Location Network.
  • Understand the characteristics of regional lightning activity including spatial and temporal occurrence.
  • In-house development of atmospheric electricity measuring instruments.
  • Explore the parameterization scheme for IC and CG lightning.
  • Accident analysis of lightning strikes to understand the possible pathways of discharging to the ground.