ADR5 In the present study, seven-year-long observations of rain microphysical properties are presented using a ground-based disdrometer located at Braemore; a site on the windward slope of the Western Ghats (WG) over the Indian Peninsula. The annual cycle of rainfall shows a bimodal distribution with a primary peak during summer monsoon and secondary peak during pre-monsoon. Pre-monsoon rain events are less in number but are with high intensity and characterize large raindrops and low number concentration. During summer monsoon, short and less intense rain events with small drops are noticed. Post-monsoon rain is having a long duration less intense events with lower concentration of large raindrops compared to the summer monsoon. In the seasonal variation of mean diameter (Dm) and raindrop concentration (NT ) with Rain Intensity (RI), winter and pre-monsoon rains exhibit higher values of Dm and lower values of NT compared to the summer and post-monsoon seasons for all the RI ranges. The mean features of the rain microphysical parameters are also supported by the case studies of rain events. RI, Dmand N T are categorized into different range bins for all the seasons to identify their variation and relative rainfall contribution to the total seasonal rainfall. Heavy drizzle/Light rain has maximum rain duration, and the relative contribution to the rainfall is high from heavy rain type. Winter and pre-monsoon rains are mostly contributed from the larger raindrops (>Dm 3), and during summer and post-monsoons it is from Dm 2 onwards. The distribution of occurrence frequency of NT and rainfall are similar during all four seasons. NT 2 recorded rainfall percentage nearly the same as NT 1 in summer monsoon and this also supports large number of raindrops in this season. In RI-Duration analysis, all seasons showed similar distribution, and 90% of total duration is contributed from RI with less than 20 mm h-1.

 Bibliographic Info: Sreekanth, T. S., Hamza Varikoden, Mohan Kumar, G., Resmi, E. A. [2019]. Microphysical features of rain and rain events during different seasons over a tropical mountain location using an Optical Disdrometer. Scientific Reports, Vol. 9 (1), Art. 19083.