Research Updates

Deciphering accurate P–T–t path of evolution of migmatitic terranes, where significant melt (leucosome) components are preserved in-situ, is a challenging task in metamorphic petrology. In a new contribution on the cordierite–orthopyroxene migmatitic gneisses of the Kerala Khondalite Belt (KKB), southern India, Sreejith and Ravindra Kumar provide novel understanding on the aspect of rheological (thermal and mechanical) modifications of the lower crust due to melt generation in collisional orogens at extremely low–P conditions. Their study follows a systematic recording of prograde and retrograde mineral assemblages of a melt-bearing segment

  • Geodynamics of the Indian subcontinent and deep internal processes
  • Linking Geological Evolution, Tectonics and Surface Processes
  • Near surface processes, hazard vulnerability and mechanism of uplift of the Western Ghats
  • Paleoclimate during Late Quaternary
  • Geofluids studies for petroleum exploration
  • Source of the Indian ocean geoidal low, largest on the globe
  • Hydrodynamics and coastal flooding
  • Sediment dynamics and diagenetic processes
  • Impact of natural and anthropogenic processes on river basins
  • Cloud Microphysics and Lightning