Ministry of Earth Sciences Annual Awards 2015

List of Awards achieved by NCESS
S.No Name of Award Awardee Details
1 National Awards , Geoscience & Technology Dr. G. R. Ravindra Kumar 118-118x134 In the recognition of outstanding contributions to the Geoscience & Technology , the Ministry of Earth Science Dr. G. R. Ravindra Kumar with National Award in Geoscience & Technology for the year 2015…Read More
2 Certificate Of Merits for Scientists/Engineers Dr. V. Nandakumar v nandakumar Dr. V. Nandakumar is awarded certificate of Merit for his outstanding contributions in the field of Geo Sciences…Read More
3 Best Employees , Group B Employee Shri Madhu Madhavan Madhu Madhavan Shri Madhu Madhavan . M is working as Deputy Manager in NCESS Thiruvananthapuram …Read More
4 Best Employees , Group B Employee Shri Nishanth N nishanth Shri Nishanth N. is working as Scientific Assistant in the X- Ray Fluorescene Spectrometer (XRF) Laboratory of NCESS, Thiruvananthapuram…Read More
5 Best Employees , Group C Employee Shri. Jayapal. N jayapal Shri. Jayapal. N is working as Executive in NCESS Thiruvananthapuram…Read More