sgd tech Submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) is an important process driven by marine and terrestrial forces. Low tide affects SGD the most, therefore the ideal time to detect SGD is the low tide, especially during spring tide. Techniques to detect and quantify SGD along with the understanding of the related aquifer characteristics is discussed in this study. Scientific community across the world is realizing the importance of studying and mapping SGD because in the scenario of climate change, this part of the global hydrological cycle is an important process and is known to have a significant effect on the marine ecosystem due to nutrient and metal inputs around the region of discharge. Therefore, understanding the processes governing SGD becomes very important. In this review, various components and processes related to SGD (e.g., Submarine Groundwater Recharge, Deep Porewater Upwelling, Recirculated Saline Groundwater Discharge), along with detailed discussion on impacts of SGD for marine ecosystem is presented. Also, it highlights the future research direction and emphasis is put on more research to be done keeping in mind the changing climate and its impacts on SGD.

Bibliographic Info: Suresh Babu, D. S., Ashwini Khandekar, Chandrashekhar Bhagat, Ashwin Singh, Vikrant Jain, Mithila Verma, Brijesh K. Bansal, Manish Kumar [2020]. Evaluation, effect and utilization of submarine groundwater discharge for coastal population and ecosystem: A special emphasis on Indian coastline. Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 277, Art. 111362.