Main Chemical Lab (MCL)

Main Chemical lab is equipped to carryout routine evaluation of chemical and physical parameters in water and wastewaters for both qualitative and quantitative determination of light metals and pesticides content.Consisting of LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS, MP-AES, GC, UHPLC, AAS, Continuous Flow Analyser (CFA), UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer, Flame photometer, CHNS Analyser, TOC Analyser, Surface Area Analyser, Sedigraph, Mercury Analyser, IC.

Instruments available are:

  1. GC – Perkin Elmer (N651-9101 CLARUS 500)
  2. Bacteriological Incubator – Labline
  3. Laboratory oven – Labline
  4. Muffle Furnace – Bio-Technics India
  5. BOD Incubator – Calton
  6. UV Spectrophotometer – Shimadzu (UV-1800)
  7. Flame photometer – (CL-361)
  8. Flame photometer – (CL-378)
  9. Electronic weighing balance – Sartorius (BP221 S)
  10. Sediment Squeezer
  11. Rotary Vacuum Evaporator – Eyela (NVC 2100)

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