environmental science

Importance of natural resources and environmental management has been stressed at the national level from time to time. Both macro and micro level data are required for planning and development purposes. This is one of the programmes undertaken by Centre for Earth Science Studies since its inception and continuing with increasing demand from larger society. Data generated under this programme were found useful for various planning purposes at the State level and also to pursue systematic studies under various geo-environmental conditions. Generation of basic data on natural resources and environment will continue under the present programme. Attention will be paid to generate site specific data that are required to draw up management plans and to outline areas for finer scale analysis. Specific studies will cover analysis of drainage patterns, valley formation, land system, disaster risk reduction, ICZM and paleoenvironmental analysis. As these studies are area specific initial thrust will be on selected river basins, parts of Western Ghats and coastal zone of west coast of the country. RS-GIS application will be an integral part of this programme.

Data base will be generated under the broad resource categories of land, land use, water, forest, infrastructure, and population and allied activities. Water quality analysis will be taken up for selected rivers and back waters for pollution monitoring and data base development. Land system and drainage pattern analyses will be based on maps, images and direct field measurements. Earthquake monitoring and study of neo-tectonics will help in hazard studies. Physical and social vulnerability analyses will be taken up for hot spots in the Western Ghats and selected coastal stretch to develop management plans. Data on climatic parameters and greenhouse gases (GHG) will be acquired by installing field stations, one along coast and another at Munnar, Western Ghats. Application of remote sensing will cover geological studies, corals and agricultural operations.