Mr. B.K. Jayaprasad

Scientist E, , Hydrological Processes (HyP)

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On-going projects:

  1. Impact of Sea level Rise (SLR) on Kerala Coast, funded by Dept of Environment and Climate Change (DECC), GoK, 2013-2017
  2. Organising the satellite image data in NCESS Data Centre along with the Meta data for easy retrieval
  3. Spatial data standardisation is being carried out for NCESS Data Centre

Completed projects:

  1. Base maps for Soil based “Plant Nutrient Management Plan” preparation for the Agro-Ecosystems of Kerala- Funded by Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala
  2. GPS facilitation and GIS mapping for Vegetable and Fruits Promotion Council Keralam- Funded by VFPCK, Keralam.
  3. Updating “Natural Resource and Environmental Data Base” covering the “Coastal Agro Ecological Units” of Kerala – Funded by Kerala State Planning Board, Govt. of Kerala
  4. Spatial Urban Information System for Malappuram Municipality – Funded by Information Kerala Mission Govt. of Kerala.
  5. Associated in establishing Data Centre in NCESS
  6. Associated in the NCESS LAN upgradation
  7. Associated in the preparation of Wetland Atlas of Kerala – Funded by Department of Environment and Climate Change Government of Kerala.
  8. Associated in the spatial data generation at Cadastral level for Maharashtra and Goa states
  9. Generated standardised GIS vector layers for Periyar and Chalakkudy river basins of Kerala for NREM
  10. Carried out Morphometric Analysis using GIS software for Periyar and Chalakudi river basins.
  11. Road Information System for Parassala Block Panchayat
  12. Cadastral Level Decision Support System for Management of Natural Resource in Thiruvananthapuram District
  13. NREDB Data updation of Service facilities in the Ernakulam District A part of UNDP -Planning Commission Project on Strengthening State Plans for Human Development1.
    Database Infrastructure support- NREDB data updation and utilization for local level planning in Kerala
  14. Geospatial survey of the Munnar and adjoining Panchayats using modern tool of Geo-informatics
  15. State of environment and Action plan for Kochi Urban Area
  16. Tsunami and storm surge inundation and modeling for the coasts of Kerala, Karnataka and Lakshadweep
  17. Preparation of City Base Maps for 5 Municipal Corporations of Kerala Digital Data Bank
  18. Coastal Zone Studies of Kerala and Lakshadweep
  19. Natural Resource and Environmental Database for Kerala
  20. Resource Evaluation and Inventory of Manufactured Sand from Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala
  21. Spatial and non- spatial data base for Health Surveillance in Vengannur Grama Panchayat
  22. Application of High Resolution Remote Sensing Data and Information Technology for Local Level planning
  23. Terrain Characteristic and soil nutrient status of the Rattendon Valley Annexe Reserved Forest
  24. Watershed studies in selected districts of Kerala with special emphasis on tribal settlement
  25. Analysis of Land, Soil and Water in the Neyyar Catchment – A Case Study
  26. Geo-Environmental appraisal with planning inputs for Trivandrum Region
  27. District wise Hydro Geo-morphological Maps” for Kerala using Landsat and IRS-1A Resource Atlas of Kerala
  28. Integrated Citizen Data Base- Pilot study at Karakulam Grama Panchayat
  29. Digitization of Micro Watersheds for the State planning Board
    Executive Assistant for Governance of Local Enterprises (EAGLE)
  30. GIS map preparation for Meenvallam small hydro project
  31. Vecorization of Kerala urban development project (KUDP) maps for Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode corporations
  32. Operation Information Kerala Mission (OIK) for Election Commission
  33. Sasthamangalam pilot for utility mapping and spatial database generation
  34. Map revision for SERT Text books.
  35. Spatial data base for Local bodies, Electrical divisions, Transmission network, Kani settlements and
  36. proposed Small Hydro Projects
  37. Web maps for LSGD website( all local bodies of Kerala)
  38. Premisis mapping of Vellanad Grama Panchayat, Kochi Corporation, Thrissur Corporation,
  39. Perinthalmanna Municipality and Thiruvananthapuram Corporation
  40. Cadastral map vectorization for Kollam Corporation

Software Developed:

  1. Malappuram Urban Information system
  2. Information System for VFPCK
  3. Kerala Hazard Information System
  4. “Agro Ecological Units Information system” for Kerala using Map Objects of ESRI
  5. “Health Information System” for Vengannur Grama Panchayat using ESRI Map Objects
  6. “Cadastral Level Decision Support System“ for Neyyattinkara Taluk using Open Source Map Server
  7. “Road Information System” for Parassala Block using Open Source Map Server
  8. “Quarry Information System” using ESRI MapObjects
  9. “Munnar Resource Information System” using ESRI MapObjects
  10. “District level Resource Information System” for the entire State using Map Objects
  11. “Sajala- Watershed information system” using ESRI MapObjects – a programme of IKM
  12. “Sachitra- Cadastral Base map generation from FMBs” using ESRI MapObjects- a programme of IKM
  13. As a consultant and resource person of KILA supervised customized software development for local body “Property Tax Information Payment System” for Palakkad and Alappuzha Municipalities using ESRI Map Objects.